Are you losing the bond???

RakhiRaksha Bandhan – which means bond of protection in Hindi – is a festival celebrating the family, especially the bond between brother and sister. The tradition is ancient, mentioned in legends and reflected in history.

The single most important way of celebrating Raksha Bandhan is by tying the rakhi. A sister ties a rakhi on the wrist of her brother. The tying of a rakhi signifies her asking of her brother, to protect and love her as his sister. The brother in turn, accepts the rakhi, affirms his love and affection for his sister and presents her with gifts. It is a family event where all members of family, come together and celebrate. The tying of rakhi is followed by a family feast.

It is an occasion that allows siblings to spend time together and reaffirm their love for each other.

In present times, it is noticed that siblings observe Raksha Bandhan as a mere formality. They are not able to take time out from their busy schedules, they simply perform the ceremony and go their respective ways. This may be the only way possible for them, but this is not how the festival is meant to be celebrated. They must make an effort to spend quality time with each other and strengthen their relationship.

Especially for grown up siblings staying in different cities planning out celebrations together is important. Sending a Rakhi is fine, but it should not become a norm as it takes away the fun associated with the festival. Siblings should see their Raksha Bandhan get-together as an opportunity to relive memories of their childhood. They must make every effort to celebrate the festival in an enjoyable way and create some more beautiful memories.

As children, brothers and sisters talk so much to each other. At that time, they are each other’s best friends and confidantes but as they grow up, this friendship seems to dwindle. In case you too are losing that friendly touch with your bhaiya or didi, take this Raksha Bandhan as an opportunity to rejuvenate your relationship. Share your dreams and aspirations with your siblings. You will find that they are still your best friends and most honest guides.

Plan out some fun time together. Having fun together is the best way of celebrating Raksha Bandhan and building an ever-lasting relationship with your sibling. Plan out a family picnic or indulge in sports and activities that you enjoyed together during your childhood years. If you wish to stay indoors you can watch movies, cook together or just keep talking. A great idea would be to click pictures and make movie of the time you spend together on Rakhi.

Get closer to your sibling’s family If your sibling has a family now, make effort to get closer to them. Take gifts not just for your sibling but also for his/her family members. Talk and see if your sibling needs help. Celebrating an occasion and having fun on festivals is good, but the strength of a relationship is tested in trying times. Talk and see if your sibling is in trouble and need help. If that is the case, be ready to help out in every possible. You might perhaps need the same sometimes later!! This Raksha Bandhan don’t hesitate to cherish your loved ones the way you now cherish your friends, open your heart to them as if they were the closest people you have on this earth………cause they are!!