The Age of Armageddon?

Armageddon, the word itself rings a bell, doesn’t it? Some of you might know what Armageddon means; others might have seen the Hollywood movie and some of you might not recollect anything at the mere mention of this word. But, imagine being a part of it!Literally speaking, Armageddon (Greek αρμαγεδδων; [armageddôn] also spelled Har-Magedon in some modern English translations; a.k.a Mount of Megiddo), is believed to be the final battle between God and the forces of righteousness and Satan (whose name means ‘adversary’), also known as the Devil. It is believed that Satan will operate through the person known as the “Beast” or the Antichrist, written about in the Book of Revelation in the Christian New Testament.

Generally, the term can also refer to an apocalyptic catastrophe. When we speak of catastrophe and if our brain rings a bell of “nuclear war”, we aren’t completely wrong. However, we can also imagine an alternative apocalypse; one that might not be completely physically evident like the nuclear war and yet be equally disastrous. That is an apocalypse triggered by technology. As uncanny as it may sound, it is true and the only thing one needs to realize it is to look around with an observant eye. Although nobody wishes to vision the ‘end’, everybody is moving towards it with quite a force.

Technology has no doubt brought about great advancements and is, in many ways, a boon. However, the bane has a heavier hand. The more we seem to advance, the more trouble we create for ourselves. For instance, technology advancements in medicine has helped us find a cure for many diseases and at the same time, generated diseases which can’t be easily cured. Furthermore, technology has led to pollution which, in turn, has led to global warming. It really does not come as a suprise that “pollution” has been recently added to the list of sins in Vatican.

Not only this, technology is threatening our very basis of civilization. It is a known fact that man made civilizations and built societies because man is a social animal. However, with everything getting automated and available on Internet or a mere phone call – from massage services to marriages, to food and education – the physical interaction among people is dwindling at a fast pace. As a result, we are starving ourselves of a very basic emotional need – companionship and brotherhood.

Our ancestors perhaps would have never imagined us in such a state, or perhaps they did and that is why “Armageddon” was mentioned. Think about it, we are weaving a web that will lead us to our demise very soon.

Armageddon not only represents the final battle, it also, in my opinion, represents the battle within oneself. It is the battle each and every one of us is fighting today, for existence, for our future. The Irony is that our future doesn’t seem very bright either. We have created the “Antichrist” ourselves. And it is not that we are unaware of it all. We just don’t seem to acknowledge it because if we do so, we might have to look for a solution. We might have to give up on our addictions – the cars, computers, I-pods, T.V sets etc and that would be too much to ask, isn’t it?

“Why should we give up on technology, make it a slave again when the end is decided anyway?”…if that is the question you have, then the reason why we need to fight this now is because even though the end is decided, we have a choice to make it less painful. We have a choice to make the Doomsday rosy – that is the power we behold.

And “death” after all may not be the end. Like it is said , “To most enlightened minds, death is a whole new journey, a whole new adventure.”

The Armageddon will not arise, it is NOW and we are in it, all that now matters is the choice we make.

Meghna Baveja

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