!!Arraigned Pakistan!!

Oh my god! The golden goose is dead! (As I write this piece, two blasts heard in Abbottabad, Pak: reports)

The beleaguered nation is again arraigned. The oodles of malevolence seem to have filled the pitcher to its brim and now it’s overflowing.

Lets call spade a spade, Pakistan has always perpetuated terrorism and the pinnacle could not be anything but Osama Bin Laden’s slaying. It’s merriment time for American forces as they have gunned down the most wanted man in the world. But mind you all this is just the beginning as America has killed Bin Laden but not the ideas for which Bin Laden fought and lived for.

Let’s discuss why this is right time to corner Pakistan.
Let’s state the ignominy faced by Pakistan one by one.

1. Osama Bin Laden has been killed in garrison town of Abbottabad just few kilometers away from Pakistan army camp, where most of the construction has been done by army Construction Company.

2. The whole operation lasted for 2 hr appx and the great Pakistani army did not responded (shame on them).

3. What the intelligence agency ISI was doing through these years (probably they might have been planning a Mumbai like attack again)?

4. What the neighborhood of Bin Laden was doing through these 5 years?

There’s been a barrage of questions with no answers coming forth from the mighty military establishment, the self-proclaimed defenders of Pakistan’s ideological frontiers.
Clearly this has caught the Pakistanis with their pants down and is causing much discomfiture to Pakistani. The world is expecting answers to these questions and its better arraigned Pakistan should answer all these as swiftly as possible to save its skin. One way is to go before the international community in sackcloth and ashes, beg impunity for its past iniquity and redeem them in totality.

If we talk in terms of economics Pakistan is next to bankrupt Greece (15.7 per cent) as the yield on their government’s 10-year bonds, at 14.1 percent, is the second highest in the World. Country inflation is measly 12.9 per cent. Economic growth is dismal at 3.5%. Per capita income growth is paltry 1.4 %.Pakistan economy is now one ninth of India. Also this is the most appropriate time as the honeymoon
between Pakistan and America is getting murkier day by day.

Let us now discuss something from India’s point of view. India has more options and resources now than three decades ago when Osama showed up at the Hindu Kush. Delhi’s challenge is to find the necessary political will and diplomatic skill to translate them into effective political interventions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. But India has summarily failed to put pressure on Pakistan even at a time when Pakistan is on the mat. If we follow the vigorous debate its apparent that people rescind New Delhi on falling to emulate America and namby pamby and confused response of the government. So now the pertinent question arises is of what India should do to mount pressure on Pakistan. One is to (and what most moderate think) is to engage with Pakistan in dialogue and provide them trade incentives what China has done to Taiwan and relation is beginning to be normalize. Second stage an Abbottabad-like operation to neutralize Pakistan-based criminals on our wanted list. Third is to commence a covert operation to gun down criminals on our wanted list.

“Osama in Pakistan is our incompetence”- General Parvez Musharraf.

Nilaya Mitash Shankar

Image Source: [http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-6mj2RZlGHek/TWp_HLfj6rI/AAAAAAAAAAc/SDkUeMHZBEY/s1600/Pakistan-flag.jpg]