Arranged Marriages back in demand

It was just a few years back that Love marriages had gained popularity in Indian society. It was mainly due to movies like “ek duje ke liye”, “julie” and many more[D1] . People who were staunch believers of arranged marriages were gradually saying okay to the new trend. It is known fact that Indian society is highly influenced by the Bollywood movies. But now marriages seem to be on a declining rate every year. We hear lot of divorce stories these days. How did our society become open to this? Ours was a society that expected “Sati Savitri” kind of bahus who would sacrifice their life if needed, for their husbands. Then how is this trend slowly changing to get a divorce if you don’t like him.

Rewinding it few years back where arranged marriages were thought to be uncool. Love marriages were the latest trend.[D2]  People thought that people who never fell in love or individuals who were dominated by their families usually went for arranged marriages. So, now the trend seems to have moved back from this ideology. It is a surprising fact that many youngsters from the growing population are now inclining towards ‘Arranged Marriage’. Arranged marriages have been a part of our society for eons now. Only thing is as the years passed the definition of arranged marriage has been changing. In earlier days, arranged marriage was something where a bride doesn’t meet the chosen groom before marriage and they both meet each other on the day of their marriage. Then how was the wedding fixed? It was fixed by the family members who met the bride and the groom individually. But it was surprising to know that those marriages sustained since centuries have passed. Was it because the married couples were more understanding or matured? Or due to the society they tried to bond together everyday even with some differences? These days you can meet your partner few months before the wedding and you can “officially” him/her to know likes and dislikes. This helps them to find a compatible life partner. So, I want to name it as “Arranged-cum-love” marriages since you can fall in love with the person after you get engaged to him. Plus, you have your full family support.

Whatever is the reason now, the ‘Arranged marriages’ are back with a different perspective. Few psychologists say that youngsters today don’t have patience to work on a relationship. They are unable to sustain the relationships and that’s why they are moving towards arranged marriage. One more possible reason is they fear if they fall in love and the relationship breaks. They are scared to fall in love again and make the relationship work. So, the best thing is to go for arranged marriage and who cannot fall in love once they are married! There is a lot of help available to the people these days who want to go for arranged marriage. They have the matrimonial websites, they can give a column in the news paper to find a match and also there is increased number of matrimonial offices in all the Indian cities. With this increased support it is not that hard to find a match right?[D3]

Varsha Purohit

Software engineer by profession. She likes blogging, canvas painting, cooking etc.