Arvind Kejriwal Resigns


AAP’s Achievements In The Last 49 Days 

Storytellers will be baffled when they try to capture the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) 49 days governance in Delhi, under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal. From a remarkable performance in the assembly polls but falling short of a few seats, forming a government by accepting their arch rival’s support, AAP tried their best to deliver all their poll promises in the shortest possible time even if that meant offending people who are important for the party’s survival.

Questions were raised from the start about its very existence and why the government was formed with the Congress’ support. Political strategists, including Kejriwal knew that this alliance would not last long. And the curtains finally came down on Friday evening when the Delhi Chief Minister resigned from his post, failing to table the Jan Lokpal bill in the assembly. Here is his resignation speech:

Many questions are being raised at Kejriwal and his style of governance. Some are even saying that Kejriwal was never interested in governing Delhi and was in search of an excuse to leave the post so that he could prepare himself for the Lok Sabha elections.

Frankly even I have many questions about his resignation and know that his party created a lot of controversies, but at the same time I cannot ignore what he has achieved in the last 49 days. So here is a list of the achievements of the short lived government:

  • Free supply of 667 litres of water daily for households that have metered connection.

  • They brought an end to the VIP culture, by ending the lalbatti culture.

  • 50 percent subsidy in electricity bills of households that consume upto 400 units of power a month

Kejriwal’s mistakes may be more in number than the number of laws he passed, but that’s maybe because it was his first time in politics. People learn from their mistakes after all.

But was resigning from the job the best solution to the problem of the Jan Lokpal not being passed?

Well that’s something only time will tell.

Shraddha Jandial

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