As La Liga Surges Ahead, Is BPL Left Far Behind?


Looks like the tables have turned for the much talked and watched football league in the world. The English Premier League (also called as the Barclays Premier League), consisting 20 teams has been the most expensive league since the last decade or so. Manchester United, Liverpool and some others have been the dominant ones. The viewership of this league was on a record high for the last 5 years.


La Liga, the Spanish counterpart of B.P.L is equally renowned all over the world. Post 2011, the Spanish League has started emerging as a technically stronger competition in the world. If most of the young and emerging players from smaller clubs get an option to choose between English Premier League and La Liga, they would definitely prefer La Liga. The major reason behind is that they get to play with the big stars like Messi and Ronaldo and playing with them actually improves the standard of their game and their “speed n skills” get polished.


This move eventually helps them get better clubs and better salaries when they plan to move to any other club or a league. So, it can be said that Barclays Premier league become a second option for the new players, or a destination and not a journey. The perfect examples of such players are Louis Suarez and Gareth Bale. The players transferred from Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs respectively.


The technical specifications of La Liga are more competitive on the world stage. The average width of a football field in BPL is 110 yards. But, the width in Spanish league is 125 yards. This makes the game more interesting and gives more importance to the wingers. This results in the poor performances of English clubs when playing on European grounds (in Champions League).

The capacity of the European stadiums is almost double than that of the standard English clubs. The capacity of Emirates stadium, home ground of Arsenal is approximately 60, 000 whereas Barcelona’s home ground, Nou Camp can hold more than 100,000 fans inside.

On the whole, better the game, better the grounds and better the players were always associated with La Liga, but now, the viewership has also shifted its base to this Spanish attraction. The important question to ask is, with La Liga surging ahead, is BPL left far behind?

Vishesh Sharma

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