As time goes by

Strings of rickety hopes
Hanging loose in the  mind
No solace for the restive soul
And the fears not so kind
In an oasis of parched theories
One tends to be out of sight
Amassing seems tricky
And nothing seems bright
Dwindling in worldly vanity
Chasing the chariot of lie
You often lose the sanity
As the will in you dies
Cozy in your chase-longue
Gorging on delicious pies
Years from now you’ll behold
The picture of your own life
Maybe dicey maybe dim
Maybe merry maybe prim
May just be a fluke or an account of denials
Maybe a treasure of numerous smiles
As time goes by
Gazing in the mirror of the past
You will look back once and rewind
The moments that didn’t last
And the days you left behind…

Maria Zafar