Ashish’s First Love

Ashish was a 21 year old idealist. He believed that the government should do its job and corruption should end right now.

So, when his friends at Hans Raj College were busy chasing girls, he was more interested in supporting Baba Ramdev at his hunger strike.

“Come on yaar. Let’s enjoy life now. Yeh koi umar hai desh bhakti ki. Meet some girl man” one of his friend said to him.

“If I am destined to meet a girl, I can meet her anywhere. It can even be at Baba’s hunger strike” Ashish replied.

“C’mon Ashish look at these girls. Check out their legs under the short skirts.”

“I believe a glimpse of the ankle of a cultured girl in a sari, is a much bigger turn on than fully naked legs under a short skirt” Ashish concluded the conversation.

The story really begins on the night of fifth of June. Baba’s strike had caused quite a stir and the Congress had begun to take notice. At around 1 in the morning, Ashish was serving water to Baba’s thirsty supporters. The place was calm and serene in the dead of the night.

Suddenly, the environment changed. Policewallahs entered from one end and started lathi charge to disperse Baba’s supporters. Ashish even saw tear gas being used somewhere. He didn’t know what to do. So he decided to run for his life.

Just then he saw her. A young girl, clad in a sari was running all around. Her face was covered, but Ashish could see she had long lustrous hair. The moment he saw her hair, his heart skipped a beat or two.
Ashish could see that she was directionless. She did not know where to go and evidently, could use some help.

“Here, hold my hand” Ashish said and took her towards a small secret door which not many people knew of.
As the two of them ran from the lathi-charging police, Ashish caught a glimpse of the girl’s ankle under her sari.

“Oh my God” he said to himself. He realized he was attracted to her without even seeing her face. All he had seen was her hair and her ankle. He had never known he would be attracted to someone so easily.
Or maybe it was the situation. Police, nationalism, tension, girl in distress, her knight in shining armor etc. As he held the girl’s hand and guided her to the small door through the tension, he was surely on a high.

He was beginning to fall in love.

It took them a good fifteen minutes to get clear of the chaos. They had run quite some distance and were sweating profusely.

Her face was covered but Ashish could see her eyes. They were filled with gratitude. It was time Ashish got to actually see her and if it was not too much, may be hear her voice too. By now, he was definitely in love.

He promised himself at this moment, that even if she would not be very beautiful, he would still be in love with her.

Love, he thought, is not skin deep.

He raised his hand and removed the cloth from her face. Out came a ten inch long black beard.

It was Baba Ramdev himself, dressed in a sari to avoid the police. Ashish’s first love story had an abrupt end.

Sachin Garg