Asia On My Side

Oscar looked at the leaves blinking in the wind and the spiders clinging to their webs outside the window. Little highlights punctuated his day. The neighbour’s dog was at the gate today. Yesterday, he was facing the house. Oscar liked to think he was waiting for him. These observations made the freedom he knew. Oscar was as important as them. He was an insect surrounded by the crushing feet of strangers.

He looked at the park which seasons had blown through. His friend, Joe, had waited for him there a long time ago and they met there. Now the wind had taken him away, he wondered where he had been. He committed the scenes in his mind to memory and walked on at a quickened pace. He walked past the tapping sticks and spider legs of the gentlemen that crossed his path, and eagerly anticipated bursting through the door of the bookshop where he’d find the right word. A word that he imagined insects had made for him with their movements in a large forest of trees. He could peer and gaze at the craftsmanship.

Oscar rushed into the shop to hear the clamor of bells announce his presence. The magic hour had dawned and Oscar took his precarious steps through the wilderness. Greg had mysteriously disappeared. This was quite typical in his forest of books. His daughter, Victoria, had seen him from the street. Oscar approached the counter.

“My father left this for you”, she said quietly. “He also left a note”, she pointed. Oscar scanned the yellow paper. “Oscar, Joe sent me this from the moon. I really don’t know where he got it from.Japanis a strange place.” Oscar glanced at the book to see it was an illustrated encyclopaedia of butterflies and moths. The hours fell and he found himself looking back, trying to remember things Joe had told him, but all he held in his mind was the colour of his eyes.

Lena O’ Connell

Lena O’ Connell graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 2009. She
specialised in fine art, sculpture. Lena currently lives and works in Tipperary, Ireland.
She teaches art to children and is aspiring to undertake a higher diploma in
art teaching.

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