Asian Mail Order Brides

Women who declare their will to marry a foreigner are tagged as Mail order brides. Earlier this was an offensive label, but today with change in mindset of the people and globalization, the interpretation of this term has altered. In fact, this system of mail order brides was started in the mid 1800s when people started migrating initially across borders. Interestingly, it is ironic that when this system started, women were from more developed nations and men were from colonies and outer lands who had migrated to these developed nations. But this trend has reversed over the centuries and now men from developed countries look for mail order brides from developing countries like those of Asia. As a matter of fact, Asian mail order brides are very sought after today due to a combination of traits like beauty, wits and nurturing in them.

Today the business of mail order brides has developed into a million-dollar industry concerning men from financially superior countries and women from developing or under-developed countries. It is sad that Asian mail order brides are preferred over others not because of the multitude of good traits in them but because of their illiteracy and the fact that they will bear exploitation without rebellion and fulfill the domestic role. Mail order brides especially from South Asia get trapped in offensive relationships abroad because they fail to understand and adopt the alien western culture and can not escape and come back due to lack of education and dearth of financial security. Men have a notion that women from lesser-developed countries make better home-makers due to the atmosphere they have grown up in. Evidently, the number of Asian mail order brides decreases when there is fiscal growth in their native countries as the main reason for emergence of mail order bride today is lure for financial security.

Before the advent of internet, mail order brides connected with prospective spouses through catalogues, world agencies, biographies etc. Today, women post their profile on the internet, which is usually exaggerated to attract rich men, through different agencies and often have to pay subscription charges. The proprietors of such online agencies further enhance the profile pictures and information of these women. Interested men look up such websites and agencies and choose a desirable mail order bride and initiate the correspondence by contacting her. Most men experiment with a number of different women, getting acquainted through a pen-pal relationship with all of them, and then deciding upon the most desired, domesticated and comfortable mate. After building the foundation of relationship through trust with a particular woman, the man visits the native country of the mail order bride to marry her off. This entire process can take different time period depending upon the man, woman and other circumstances like immigration etc.

Many feminists and women right activists have protested vehemently against the system Asian mail order brides comparing it to prostitution and declaring it at odds with the moral principles of native Asian cultures. Nevertheless, gradually the social stigma associated with it is slowly fading away, paving way for a more healthy alliance between different countries through marital relationship and exchange.

Mahima Taneja