Ask Any Racer, It’s The Winning That Matters, Not The Life

Road Rage

Life is nothing but an adventure on road. It gets boring when one has to actually wait for the signal to proceed, or when one has to be patient to switch lanes. Driving through traffic with effortlessness is an art, which not everyone possess, and if somebody does, it’s a competition.

As our parents always say, winning or loosing does not matter, as long as you are trying. Similarly, it doesn’t matter whether you are stuck in traffic or there are pedestrians waiting to cross the road, once you get into a driving competition, you put at stake whatever you have, even if it means someone else’s life.

Recently, people died at Golu near Joginder Nagar in Mandi district, Saturday night, when a Reckong Peo-bound Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) bus skidded off the road and plunged into a 100-metre deep gorge. As per the report, in a bid to overtake another bus, the driver was willing enough to put all the lives at stake, as long as his ego was at it.

Road rage is nothing but violent turn of events by the actions of another motorist or a driver.

The amount of abuses one hurls at another is at maximum while driving. However, what happens when hurling abuses isn’t enough? What happens when the ego is as fragile as a paper that breaks even when someone honks?


Most drivers on roads find an excuse to put lives at risk. Of late, son of an affluent politician, reportedly gunned down a student just because he overtook his car. Such instances are as common as speeding, not necessary culminating in death of the other person.

People from different age groups break road regulations with impunity. It’s a generational problem where the art of bad and rash driving is a part of legacy. It’s a medium to showcase the driving skills on the road, endangering their lives as well as of others. Well, that can be considered as collateral damage, at the cost of the set of skills one is bestowed with.

Is ego, and the need to win a stupid car race more important than life? In a bid to pin other people down, are we not pinning ourselves down, instead? When did it become ‘cool’ to take away a life, so that it doesn’t hurt the fragile ego?

With these instances, certain points have come to light. The penalisation for over speeding and breaking lights or creating ruckus on the road isn’t stringent enough. The punishments for these fall out of the hands of affluent people like sand, making no impact whatsoever. The authorities must make a call on stricter laws and exemplary penalties to ensure safety and protect the sanctity of life.

It takes a certain mindset to accelerate a vehicle to reach a ferocious velocity, it’s the same mindset that bets on power and money to get away with anything. It’s the same mindset that devalues life rather than valuing it.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

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