ask.jpgIt is in the nature of the natural human, given his/her innate curiosity, to strive towards understanding the nature of Nature. It is either in an effort to better utilize Nature’s gifts or as a purely intellectual exercise, the latter being more important, for it is the ‘purely intellectual exercise’ which is a prerequisite to any significant application of the same. The word used here is the “natural” human. Who is a “natural” human? Are there, then, “unnatural” or “artificial” humans? The idea here is to underline the human predicament. Most of us are “artificial” humans. Perhaps, Wilde was correct when he said:Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.In some uncertain sense even this writer is one of these ‘other people’. For, in writing, what I am about to I have drawn inspiration from sources other than my own ideas. We all are ‘other people’. However, we don’t have to confine ourselves to these ‘other people’ – we can be so much more than the ‘other people’: this is the essence of being human. Part of being human is the willingness to question – to ask, to seek and knock. The ASK principle helps you discover your self and the world. The three dimensions of ASK – Ask, Seek and Knock, constitute the essence of the human psyche. The first dimension: AskToo often we do not ask. We are hesitant, or maybe apathetic, or maybe even indifferent to the momentary impulse to ask. We do not ask why we should invest our time in certain activities in preference to others. We do not ask if someone in distress needs help and if we could help him/her. We often become unquestioning slaves to the rigmarole and the routine of life. Life becomes mechanical when we do not ask. When that happens, we are no better than unthinking machines. We lose the spark of spontaneity that we are born with when we do not ask. We fear when we do not ask. We do not question our fears. We do not question the answers. We do not introspect. We do not ask… Asking is an exercise in freedom. When you ask you exercise your freedom to think. ‘Ask’ is the beginning of a quest for something higher than yourself. So, to begin with, ask!The second dimension: SeekIt’s not enough to Ask. You have to have the will, the patience and the persistence to find answers to your questions. To seek is the key to a life of adventure. When you seek you exercise your freedom to act. Seeking is an exercise in humility. Only those who are humble enough to recognize their limitations shall seek. The arrogant will revel in the ignorance of their ignorance. You have to seek. Unless you seek, there’s no point in asking. The third dimension: KnockYou shall not find what you seek until you knock at the right door. You have to have a sense of discernment that guides you to the right door. Or keep knocking until you find the right one. Knock it and it will be open to you. Beyond this door, you’ll find new possibilities, and several new opportunities to ASK… A solitary seekerAlways… there has been,There has always been,A curiosity to know,And see the Unseen,A struggle to explore,To knock the doorOf what has beenAn enigma of yore;Solutions are neededTo problems galore,Yet no one knowsIf there are solutions in storeYet…There is the will,There is the fire,Burning withinIs the desire…There is the zeal,The zeal to healThe wounds within,And therefore will IAfresh begin,Begin all that IFor a while forgot,In being and becoming,What I was notMine is the dream,And mine, the reality,Mine is the mind,And mine, the heart,And mine is me,In a bid to be moreThan I have ever been…Ravi Kunjwal

[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/squonk/490228702/]