Assamese Youth Get A Feel Of Home In The Capital


For the thousands of Assamese youths here, it was an evening full of nostalgia, spirit and pride, getting their good old days back when they hummed and moved to their favourite tunes along country side in the lap of nature, as Luitporia, a youth forum, brought some classic items including the ones by the rock band ‘East India Company’ at the event ‘Luitor Bukut Anixa’ organized recently.

Even as the show went on with some musical and dance items performed by students from Assam studying here, the crowds waited anxiously for the ‘performance’ of the evening by none other than Angaraag Mahanta.

Drawing the zeal of the crowd into the evening gala, Angaraag, popularly known as ‘Papon da’ among the youths, started with his most popular number ‘ Mon Mur Udi Gusi Jai’ even before the curtains went up and the audience could actually watch him singing.

The crowd went hypnotic hearing his voice and turned their heads in every direction to have a glance of their favourite singer echoing the spirit and melancholy of Assam.

The band of five-’East India Company’ then rocked the stage with their hit tracks one after another, making the evening of the enthusiastic and excited crowds there a evening to cheer forever.

Tuning to some hit Hindi tracks like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Tere Bin Nahin Lagda.. , Dumadum Mast Qalandar.. and Ghabraye Jia Mora… in his own Sufi style, Angaraag made the crowds go gaga and left them in no way then to highly praise him.

And after one hour of continuous performance of the band, they took a break of few minutes. But seeing the restlessness of the youths in the hall, Angaraag started the ‘Bihu’ and some folk numbers of Assam meeting to the high demands of the youths.

”We should be proud of the culture and traditions of our state, where we can find so many diversities having their own folk music,” said Angaraag, the son of famous singers of Assam Khagen Mahanta and Archana Mahanta .

”I feel proud standing here in the capital and singing the folk music of Assam, thanks to the Luitporia for giving me this great opportunity,” he said, after singing few folk songs from Goalpara and the tea garden community..

Finally when Papon da brought the remix version of Bihu with his band’s music, it sounded something rocking. One after the other Bihu numbers made the crowds more and more excited . And to the concluded part, the music, lightening, and Papon da’s voice went on, on and on breathlessly, that made the youths to stand up and even to go to the stage to dance along with him.

Angaraag, who has cut his first Assamese album Jonaki Raati, is currently busy with his upcoming Hindi albums and waiting for release of the Assamese film Dhuniya Tiruta, where he has offered his music. Earlier he has offered music to an Assamese film Neoror Godhuli.

Luitporia, the Delhi based non-governmental and non-profitable youth forum, which came up six years back has been working for the social, cultural development of the youths from Assam, and orchestrating such events annually. For an event meant for the youths, the forum could have called none other than Angaraag who has so strong interaction with the youths.

Priyanka Sharma