At the cost of my future

Under the scorched sun
and the amber colored sky,
the parched leaves
fall crumbling on the ground.


The silence of the summer noon
eats me up.
The flames rise blistering my insides
scorching me …burning me..
ever so slowly..
whether from joy or sorrow
….I dunno.


I sense the unease
growing deep inside me,
rising like a cloud of smoke
ready to engulf me …
In its grip, I lose my senses
and walk around like a zombie,
trying to make sense
of the given and the hidden,
the said and the taken for granted,
the lost and the found.


It leaves me perplexed,
perplexed about the uncertainty,
surrounding the consequences
of the decisions i made,
the steps i took
for my present,
at the cost of my future.


and while such pressing matters
continue to haunt me
I glance at the mirror
and find that little girl
smiling gleefully…
and saying
“At least, you are not alone anymore!”


Neha Saxena