At the drop of a Shirt!

The bad boy of the industry is certainly the king of good times. Before I confuse you, let me tell you that I am talking about – Salman Khan. What is so different about this one actor that I feel compelled to write an article about him? The other Khans in the industry are equally successful as him, as experienced, as rich, infact if he seems to be the one lagging behind. He’s the most controversial actor of his times. He was arrested on culpable charges of homicide in 2002, sentenced to one year in prison for hunting an endangered species, his violent break-ups, mood swings, fights, have all put him under a constant media glare, and for all the wrong reasons. He gets the least amount of advertisements among the Khan clan (counting Saif Ali Khan in). His life has been nothing less than a botch. So the question becomes even bigger, why have I dedicated an entire article to him? Even after reading the above, you will believe me if I say, to praise him!

Apparently not only do the controversies love Salman Khan, but so does the public. He is probably the only male actor, whose male fan following is bigger than his female fan following. And mind you he has done that without dropping his ‘yellow’ pants. He may not be a gay icon, but he definitely is the God of metrosexuals. The ubersexual trend was set in India by Salman back in 1998 when he danced bare chested in his movie Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. He thus successfully put an end to the Anil Kapoor era of appearing in front of the camera with a dense forest on your chest, giving the girls what they want. Ever since I don’t remember a single appearance that he has made and has not been asked to take off his shirt!

There have been innumerable hurdles in Salman Khan’s personal and professional life, but there has been no looking back! After reaching the climax of controversies, Salman Khan toned down, and how! His foundation, Being Human has given a human angle to the actor himself, he has shown a softer, much loving side of his to the public through the medium of his organization. Apart from Being Human Salman showed that he is also capable of being funny. His show, Dus Ka Dum launched in 2008 took Salman’s popularity to newer heights. His TRP ratings beat that of the other Khan, Shahrukh Khan, who was then hosting Kaun Banega Crorepati.

All this was happening, but at the cost of his acting career. The actor was clearly experiencing a downfall accompanied by weight gain, balding and the haunting question of marriage, putting pressure on his relationship with then girlfriend, Katrina Kaif. What followed was beyond imagination, at least mine! From being one of the best actors for years, he instantly became the most ‘wanted’ actor (get the hint?). With movies like Wanted, Dabangg and Ready, the actor has created a comfortable space for himself in the industry. A space that no one can intrude or share with him. His movies are his USP. From getting tired of his slapstick comedies the actor has well managed to pull his audiences in a laugh riot. His weird body language, his awkward movements, his sappy dialogues, his drab dressing sense, funnily enough have all become a style statement.

There is something about this man, that you just can’t ignore him. His love-hate relationship with the rest of the world is a never ending process. But right now the entire world seems to be falling head over heels in love with this guy. Salman is the man, and I am a firm believer in that. I might be a new born fan of Salman Khan, but am completely smitten by him. YES! His fashion faux pas as well. After all he is the only man on this planet who can kill a fish by drowning it!

Himanshi Chaudhary