At This Auction, After Spending Crores, Domestic Players Still Ignored

IPL Auction

Indian Premier League (IPL) has been more than a T20 cricket tournament; it is celebrated as a festival in India and other cricketing nations across the world. The tournament has a format of league and knockouts. IPL has brought a revolution in the field of cricket. The fact is that the World Cup T20 was started after IPL’s invention clearly signifies that ICC found this format to be extremely interesting.

The 2016 edition will be important for not only the players representing their franchise, but for all the national and international players who will be familiar to this format after the conclusion of World T20.

IPL auction is the event held for the elite class of the society. Money and drinks flow like running water.


To be precise, the money flows more towards the already renowned plyers and the basic concept of the league is completely ignored by the team owners. The new players who keep their base price to the lowest are still ignored and the players, who have either played or are playing for the country are preferred. The lowest bid price for any player in IPL is as low as Rs. 10,00,000.

All teams started with Rs. 66 crore budget for 2016 IPL season but with retaining players they have already spent a major part of it. Still, no domestic players have been bought as the auctions proceed.

Shane Watson went for massive 9.5 crores to Royal Challengers Bangalore, Yuvraj Singh went for 7 crores to Sunrisers Hyderabad and the biggest surprise move was of Pawan Negi, who wet for a massive 8.5 Crores with a starting base price of 30,00,000. He was sold to Delhi Daredevils.


More than billion dollars are spent on this league and how can we forget (or rather IGNORE) other sports around us. We are actually trying to make an already famous sports more famous. This sport in my opinion is more of a profession nowadays.

Many international players will skip playing for their country and rather play for the franchise team. It can clearly be stated that this is just because of money and sometimes due to the extreme pressure from the team owners. The case of Chris Gayle is the first which comes to my knowledge when talking about this.

Gayle played for Royal Challengers Bangalore and skipped his international duties for West Indies Cricket team and as a result was called up by the board for hearing for the reasons behind doing so.


The governing council of the league and B.C.C.I should look into this and make sure that these irregularities do not occur.

Indian Premier League has no doubt brought T20 cricket to an amazing level, but it has left the hole of spot fixing wide open.

Vishesh Sharma

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