Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge is a movie about a common problem in our lives. Has it ever happened to you that an unwanted guest comes at your place to stay and refuses to move out?  This is exactly the situation that the movie tries to deal with.

Ashwani Dheer tackles this situation in his movie very well. The story basically revolves around a couple, Ajay Devgan as Puneet and Konkana Sen as Munmun with a six year old son. Suddenly in their happy life, comes Paresh Rawal as Chachaji, a distant guest and then their life becomes hell. Their daily routine changes, as Puneet loses peace of mind and Munmun  loses her independence. They face various problems, as the atithi lives as if it is his own house The guest overstays his trip so much so that the frustrated couple come up with several tactics to hasten his departure amounting to hilarious results. The actors have acted so well in the movie that you will yourself feel for the couple and will definitely want the atithi out! Paresh’s character is simple, with no reason behind his visit and his acting was so amazing that he brought that innocent look in his atithi character. He brings his friends along to their house, farts anywhere he likes and hangs his langot all over the house. He is the atithi who is impossible to tackle with. In a country like India, where atithi is considered equivalent to God, the couple cannot say anything, rather they have to leave their house for a few days and stay in a hotel to calm down! Based on Sharad Joshi’s story, the movie has been made on selective episodes to make it interesting. While watching this comedy, you can’t resist but laugh on the deeds of the atithi. One of the episodes, a hoax call from human Hanuman and the police raid at a lodge, are extremely hilarious. There are some heart-wrenching moments too with an unexpected climax!

The music of the movie does not have much scope, except for some tracks like “na jaane tum kab jaoge” and “bidhi jalaiyle” are more connected to the movie and keeps you in mood of the movie. Pritam has also composed the theme track of the movie.

In short, I would say, that this movie is a one-time watch. You can’t miss the stars in their best of performances. Paresh has proved that he is the best fit in this role. He is just amazing. Ajay Devgan and Konkana Sen Sharma too add up as a great support.

So what are you waiting for, this atithi will not come at your house, instead you will have to go to watch him.

Kriti Dhyani

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