Aur Woh . . .

All those looking forward to some marital advice …sorry to dash your hopes guys but you’ll have to look elsewhere. Science fiction freaks please check your imaginations too, cos that Spielberg variety of other is also ruled out…) for all those who have managed to stay with me, the other I am referring to is the fundamental ‘other’. As in the other that appears in ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ Yes the ‘other’ which forms the basic shape of an alternative. Something which defies status quo, or at least attempts to. The fantastic thing about this Mr. Other is that he possesses the quality of catalyzing change. He is the God of small things as well as big. Many a great revolution has started when a few great minds decided to explore the other i.e. the possibility of another version of things as they stood. It is the reason why since bloody revolutions are out of fashion these days the most popular form of government, democracy, calls for the formation of an opposition which in more constructive terms is the ‘other’ government .For mortal beings like us daydreaming is a our attempt at an-other world, a better, brighter existence( I may add …for us!)

Now hold on a second, why do I keep referring to it as other? Simply because qualitatively defining other as the better option is wrong. Till it’s put into practice it cannot be crowned as superior, and the moment it come into practice, it becomes convention. The importance of the ‘other’ lies in the fact that it signifies an endeavor to be at least as good as or better than what is. And in most cases the other model is not made of tissue paper, it is a result of a sense of deep dissatisfaction, both for individuals and society. Thankfully my taking this topic up (incase you have started doubting by now) is not based on a tissue paper idea either. Over the past few months I have encountered this ‘other’ frequently. Being associated with Viewspaper has brought me in contact with a lot that can be classified as ‘other’. If you thought that the world was sleeping. Take my word for it, it isn’t! On the other side of the threshold of your, home, country and mind is a world taking shape. Everywhere the other hands are at work. The ones which are groping for solutions, forming chains links to further strengthen the other movement. Believe me ‘awareness’ is not a cliché; it’s the knowledge that there exists a other waiting for its turn to manifest.

In other words The Indian cricketing League is the latest to join the other club. Though stuff like this has been happening for more time that we care to know, it has finally started to come to the fore. There is an ‘other’ for everything. The movement has never been stronger. If you believe in opportunity this is the time to take the leap of faith. To join the ’other’ bandwagon. And if you are going to join it anyway, make sure you don’t become just an-other person out there!

Malavika Vyawahare