Aussies Should be Patient in Transition Phase and Need to Support the Senior Players.

It seems that everyone in Australia including the former Australian cricketers are being impatient towards their cricketing success. The Australian cricket team is going through a tough time which every other team has to go through at some point of time and results fluctuate during the tenure. Former Australian cricketers are in a hurry to send Ponting and Hussey home for the upcoming series against India but they fail to ignore their experience and past record against the Indians. The likes of Usman Khawaja, David Warner, Natan Lyon and Pattinson are new to the longer version of the game and they need to be supported and groomed to gain Australia their merry days in cricket back. There are doubts about the performance of key senior players in the team but they can strike back in a big series against India and prove a point and this will need a lot of support from the team management and the selectors.