Australian Media Pokes Fun At India’s Step Towards Renewable Energy


India, at present, is one of the most rapidly increasing economies, one of the largest democracies and the fastest growing technological hub in the world. India is undoubtedly paving  it’s way to become a developed country from a developing country and stands shoulder to shoulder with other developed countries. However, it seems like some  countries are not convinced about the advancements that our nation has reached.

Recently, Australian media came out with a ‘racist’ and discouraging cartoon portraying Indians as underdeveloped and uneducated. The cartoon appeared in the Rupert Murdoch-owned The Australian in response to the Paris climate conference. The cartoon shows an emaciated Indian family breaking up solar panels and one person trying to eat them with ‘mango chutney’. This cartoon was edited by the editor but the cartoon still got leaked on the social media and has received a lot of criticism from around the world.

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For the first time ever, a climate pact has been signed by India along with some other countries. Formally adopted in Paris by 195 countries, the first universal climate deal will see an accelerated phase-out of fossil fuels, the growth of renewable energy streams and powerful new carbon markets to enable countries to trade emissions and protect forests.

In effect from this pact, India is working hard to promote renewable energy in our country to curb the problem of global warming. India decided to get solar panels in the rural areas for the upheaval of the villages and farmers. Many appreciated India for this step and quoted our nation as an upcoming technological pivot. However, Australian media didn’t seem to think twice before taking a dig at us, through the cartoon that depicts- India adopting solar energy in the rural areas where the poor-uneducated farmers are not even aware about the use of solar panels.


Many have condemned the Australian media saying that India has shown its eligibility and prominence in activities and summits around the world and that they have no right to make a mockery of India’s steps in this regard of it’s development. Instead, it should encourage and appreciate India. The media has got the power to influence the masses and they are majorly responsible in creating opinions. Media cannot downcast a country which is showing progress in almost every genre. India is the technology centre of the world right now and has some of the most high-tech industries on the planet.

This is not the first time that someone took a dig at India’s development aspect. Last year, a cartoon in the New York Times published during the negotiations also prompted strong reactions in India. It showed India as an elephant blocking the forward progress of the “Climate Talks Train”, stating India majorly responsible for global warming.

This cartoon was widely condemned on Twitter, with many users drawing attention to India’s rapidly developing sustainable energy sector.

India-Rural-Solar-Power-570x342 The underlying question is, even after years of our independence and propelling forward in every field, does the world consider India as an equally important arc of the globalisation or does it still think of this country as a land of snake-charmers? Akanksha Sharma Image sources:×342.jpg The Viewspaper