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Of Jobs, Mobs and Getting High

The crowd outside jammed the doors as the chosen few were presented their offers in the foyer. Ashwani was ecstatic as the representatives presented him the company t-shirt with its logo embossed on it. As they were leaving the crowd outside grew restless. A major fortune 500 company chose...

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Forgetting ourselves in Violence

‘Anger is temporary insanity’, is an age-old English saying. If anger, as a reaction to circumstances in our lives can lead to a momentary spurt of madness, then it is nothing but dreadful to imagine where violence, an action, at its hilt can take us… In the aftermath of...

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It’s the same story everyday. I dread the journey from my house to the local bus stop, out of fear of the hooligans who stare, whistle or at times, break into group songs when my schoolmates and I (all girls) pass by. (What pleasure these perverts derive by...

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