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Mobile has come a long way!

Back in 2004 or so when Nokia was ruling the market and mobile-cam was the cool thing to own, we were entertained with a rather nasty mms of a bare breasted girl sucking on to a man’s stick! Aajtak and the likes had a field-day showing how characterless the...

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Non Resident to No Return

I thought, I will start this post by throwing my postcode on your face, I live in west London, in a large two bedroom purpose built modern flat with good furniture, wardrobe so big that a couple can make babies in there and I have five of such, two...

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Delhi Rapes

I am not going to share any further statistics, it is a world known fact that New Delhi entertains the highest number of rapists in Indian territory ; my tone is cold for a reason pardon if you object it. However, why only New Delhi? Rest of the metros...

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Mademoiselle, what can I call you?

Two feminist associations want to end the differentiation between "Mademoiselle" (Ms.) and "Madame" (Mrs.) imposed on women filling out official documents. One French (female) commentator takes the issue with this latest so-called battle for women's liberation.

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Slut Walk – Really the Solution?

Am not going to dwell into the history of how slut walk started and why it started. Someone said something in Canada and suddenly women all over the globe has this newly found sense of self-respect. I don’t get this. I am a feminist too, but I do not...

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Breasts implants – Really?

Yesterday someone asked how old you are! When I was a teenager I did not care a damn about this question and I always thought, come what may I will never react to appreciation or usual age inquiries. I failed. I long for appreciation, attention and I refused to...

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