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Lac-dye Vows

She is too shy for comfort. At times, I can’t even find a way to start a conversation. At the most, she would nod, maybe a smile in her boldest days. Leaning against the door, gripping hard on the ends of her attire, she would twist its ends in...

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The Same Fear

It is said that every picture has its own tale; it depends on how we perceive it. On a parting glance I saw three hands, one holding a rose and the other two reaching for it. Nothing important, I thought, usual stuff. I saw it again, moments later....

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And she lolled on my shoulders, the whorls brushing against my ears, tickling me in an eerie manner. I tried to nudge and adjust slightly without disturbing her sleep; moments of respite then again the situation would get to me. Half an hour had passed like that and the...

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A glimpse of life

Here I lie in the soil beneath, still fighting with my last breath. Tenacity is starting to betray me while I move my tiny limbs vehemently to push open the doors to life. My fingers, they are still not grown enough to catch hold of even the dead end...

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Are we all gay?

The title surprisingly has no subterranean meaning and yet it offends none of the chauvinistic orthodox classes. The very word ‘gay’ is etymologically partaking an altogether different meaning. ‘Gay’ as I am told, is the adopted son of English, which fell on its lap from the Old French tree,...

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Illiteracy – An Inheritance

Ramu stood beside his blue trolley which he called ‘chaat’ stall. He often placed it in front of parked cars in the ‘No Parking’ area annoying the intruders, as they honked vehemently for more space. Oblivious in such bedlam he hummed bhojpuri tunes in soliloquy.

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