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Dam 999

Built by the British in 1895, across the river Periyar, it was supposed to last a 50 years, according to its engineer, it has today, far lived its life span. Man's greed has made the dam last beyond 100 years. After India's Independence, all those pre-independence pacts have been...

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18’ Till I Die

It was one of most disappointing thing to happen, when I knew that the Bryan Adams’ show scheduled for yesterday (15th Feb, 2011) was rescheduled citing security reasons and clearances… Nobody knows when it has been rescheduled to, or whether it will happen in Delhi at all.. While at...

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Why I became an Ayn Rand Fan?

1989 it was, and I was a petite 12 year old, and I along with my classmates, a group of 45 students, in our Seventh Grade. We were part of the Bharathamatha Family, a Christian Missionary Convent, when this young and vivacious teacher took charge of our English...

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