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What You Are is Who You Are

For once I could follow up on time on the tragedy of the plane crash in Russia that killed young hockey players. The investigation revealed - pilot error .That was just a euphemistic way of saying that the pilot was cocky and overconfident, and the copilot was drunk. The...

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Shaky Roots

The other day I overheard a conversation between two men from my countries. (yes, 'countries'- for whatever my passport says, I am both Indian and American) The American was telling his co-traveler that he would really like to visit Mumbai some day. My upcoming smile froze midway when...

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Back Home

I remember a British neighbour I had befriended when we moved to New Jersey. We were both feeling our way around in this country, getting licenses and discovering stores. She left within a year. She said it was "too different", and that people here "do not even understand English"....

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Treasure or Test?

Over a lakh crore worth of treasure found in a temple vault! A not-so-popular temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple disgorged a startling stock of wealth that had been lying in its vaults for over 100 years! It is exciting, of course. There is something about ancient wealth...

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There is an inherent joie de vivre in youth, unique to this stage in life, which engenders its limitless potential. When we are young, in years or spirit, idealism comes naturally to us. We meld an age of maturity with the childlike belief in the power of goodness....

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