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Leave me or Believe me

The trickledown effect has the most prominent role in the mob following the celebrities. More and more celebrities, are getting attached to PETA and turning to vegetarianism. A broader term to vegetarianism is “veganism” coined in the UK in 1944 as a practice of non-usage and non-consumption of animal...

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Black and White Abstract Photography

The origin of abstract photography or abstract art, which is one of the prime creations of modernist art, is from painting. Ever since its infant stage, artists especially from Europe and the United States have consistently practiced abstractions in other media. Some of the fields where abstract works can...

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Film Review: Dev D

Some label it as a “cult youth movie” while others abhor the very depiction of the modern take on Devdas, Dev D definitely marks a reformatory and radical cinematic experience. While some reject the movie on its moral undertakings...

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Film Review: Milk (2008)

Based on path-finder Harvey Milk’s life story, directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Sean Penn as character protagonist, Milk follows the uprising of Homosexuals in the public domain. Spearheaded by Harvey Milk, the Gay Rights Movement marks...

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