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To drink or not to drink?

If an 18 year old votes in India, he is considered a responsible citizen. When a person gets married at the age of 21, he is considered responsible enough to take care of the family. Who writes these rules? Who decides what age will you be considered sensible?

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In a faraway land, Bollywood…

While the Bollywood movies today are practical, urban, youthful addressing social issues and are closer to reality, the movies of the past are artistic, stirring, melodic, famed and celebrated. Being a hundred percent desi at heart, I can crave for Bollywood spice come any day. Bollywood is loved not...

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It’s all about the money!

I have been thinking whether I should start making daily entries or not. Not that the idea didn't cross my mind . It did. A lot. About three months ago I thought of jotting down anything I got to learn after a day's work or boredom in my case. Why bored...

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Newspaper and Morning Chai

If given a choice between morning tea (chai) and reading the newspaper or morning tea (chai) and reading the newspaper later in the day, I would definitely opt for the latter. Not that I am bound to but I choose to. So, many years ago (not that many! I...

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