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Vaishnav is a 20 year old B tech student who loves to write and dabbles as a social media coordinator on the side. Watch out for his offbeat article.

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Anger – The equally important emotion

The state of annoyance completely disapproves the 
idiom “action speaks louder than words”. Infact the state can be expressed strongly both in words and actions. Our ferocious nature might coax us to take extreme actions and when we go through the leaves of past we might feel 
embarrassment for...

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A Tribute to the Modern Indian Women

Her face half covered under “ghunghat”.
Far away from the aura of enlightenment, over burdened by the beaten path of
social orders. Her life began with a curse of being feminine. Her marital life
began with the taunts of her in laws. The next few hours were reserved for
cooking and crockery. A...

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Rape And The City

The sad part is that while all this has been happening, the law makers have been sitting on the side of the
road and watching the melodrama. Talking about the citizens, they are least
expected to help anyone.

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Lost Reason Of My Timidness

I was born as an infant and became a new fodder for the world of irrationality. A two month old cuddling was afraid of facing new facing new faces and the mother’s lap was the most satisfying place. For sure, still that place calms my restless soul. But...

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Wonder Women Of Contemporary India

Some words by Friedrich Schiller might explain us what feminism is all about- “Honor the women! They are rose’s celestial twinning and weaving in lives terrestrial, weaving the bound of the most blessed love, veiled in the graces’ most modest attire”

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Not Just Metro…

The “metro man”, E. Shreedharan would have never thought that the 189.7 Km rail inaugurated on 24 December 2004 comprising of 142 stations could be more than 4 compartment rail carrying 1.8 million people every day. It has given a new dimension to the ilakaas (locality) of...

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Theory of Happiness

We still remember some of the memories of past. Our first trophy of excellence, the first bicycle, the day we fell in love and other numerous memories. A momentary thought of these open-eyed-reams bring a smile on our face and we desire to live those moments again. Isn’t it...

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