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Kellog’s Lara Lappa

Says Lara: Eat a 98% fat free cereal for two meals every day. Lose 2.5 kgs in two weeks. Get my Body. I did not mind Lara Dutta as eye candy in some forgettable multi-starrers. However, having her popping every ten minutes on T.V with Kellog’s Special K, grates on...

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Love in the time of Facebook

Malini Murmu, a first-year student at IIM, Bangalore and a native of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand committed suicide by hanging herself in her room after she found that her boyfriend had posted a Status message announcing his happiness at the end of their relationship.

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How to Eat, Drink and be Fit?

Ok do I have your attention now? I feel that in the boobtube din of chips, sugary drinks, choco-honey loops and noodles we have forgotten some healthy eating basics which will keep you looking hot as well as feeling healthy. You think you are too young to have to bother...

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