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The ‘Heights’ of Beauty Pageants!

Take a look through the years of the beauty pageants, be they city-centric, state-centric, nation-centric or world-centric – all of them seem to endorse the view that tall, slim and good-looking women define beauty. What about the rest of the women? Aren’t short, stout, plump and natural looking women,...

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Live Out Your Passions!

There are times in life when you feel stuck in space and time. You move neither forward nor backward. You are just simply ‘stuck’. You may want to do a thousand things, but you don’t get down to it because you are unable to budge from the unyielding quagmire.

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I was lazily scanning the Sunday newspaper, and my eyes opened wide with excitement at a laptop which looked simply ‘oooh-so-sexy’! Seriously, it looked cool and classy, plus it’s the ‘newest’ thing in town! Dramatic images of me ‘showing off’ this b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l gadget to my friends played in my...

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