Presentiment looming large in the air; every step redolent of fresh misfortune; ashen-grey as the future stood, all eyes bored down upon Clara Truman with feverish intensity. The one they had despised, scorned and spurned upon was the only one who could lift them from their bottomless chasm. But Clara had realized the hollowness of it all. The crash no longer mattered; neither did she have the will to undo it. ”Work is worship,” this is what her father had always told her but how shockingly untrue it was in this world of greed and material gain was her own learning.

The boardroom shuddered with Clara’s demonic laughter. “Gentlemen, I had told you in the past in the words of the prolific Shakespeare- grief boundeth where it falls; not with empty hollowness but weight. The result of your actions is for all to see. I can’t offer any help.” With one swift movement and a gentle sweep of her long overcoat, Clara Truman rose, never again to return.


Traversing a narrow cobbled street, oblivious of the onlookers pleading, beseeching eyes, Clara ran and ran when enveloped by a blinding light she rose and rose and intermingled with it.

The auburn haired beauty with glistening eyes, translucent skin and a weathered but erect frame had taken over the reigns of Truman Enterprises after the sudden death of her father, Edward Truman. Clara had worked as a junior assistant to her father after the completion of her education but her metaphoric rise to fame among the company ranks had ruffled many feathers.

Robert Kraits, forty-eight percent stakeholder in the company, was being pitched as “the man” who would take over from Edward Truman when he would step down. Kraits, a middle aged man with furrowed eyebrows, a deep set jaw and always clad in the finest tailor made suits had an insatiable hunger for power. For twenty years since the initiation of Truman enterprises, he had eyed the coveted position of Edward Truman. However, Edward’s unflagging popularity and sharp business acumen had earned him what Kraits had always visualized as his.


Now with the demise of Edward, a plethora of dreams once again opened before Kraits eyes. Now was his chance, his golden opportunity. But as fate would have it, ninety percent of the company’s representatives voted in favour of Clara Truman and he was again left in the lurch.

Kraits ego was totally shattered. He had again lost and this time from a mere twenty year old, a fact completely unacceptable to him. A seething, burning sensation, an emotion stronger than he had ever experienced engulfed him and he avowed to snatch his rightful position from her.

Clara had always displayed an insight, a rich knowledge of the business world and an ardent ability to make the most fruitful decisions. So, when the company’s shares rocketed in the market as a result of her policies, only praise and eulogy rang forth in her ears.” Yes, Miss Clara we always knew you had it in you. Your father would be so proud of you,” echoed many.


The story continued for years. Kraits, it appeared had taken a backseat and was taking things easy. Never one to be absent for any of the crucial meetings, he now spent most of his time locked in his office. However, the trust that Clara had in him never wavered. All official documents had to first pass Kraits’ scrutiny and only then did Clara put her seal on them.

But what she didn’t realize was that over the years Kraits had been fraudulently embezzling funds from the company coffers. It struck her hard when the sales of Truman Enterprises dipped, the stocks crashed and she found herself explaining her innocence to the world at large.

What had transpired? What had gone awry? She was aware of the answers to all these questions but what she couldn’t accept was her blatantly wrong dismissal from the company. She disappeared from the scene for two years. The company, the people she had nurtured with her own life blood; that which had been the essence of her life; the source of her being had let her down and now the company was being ruled by one who had made all this happen. She fought back many ready tears,” I don’t need Truman Enterprises .Truman Enterprises needs me!”

On 21st June, 2000 exactly two years after Clara’s disappearance from the scene, Truman Enterprises was declared bankrupt. Kraits faulty policies had proved to be the company’s undoing.

Clara was once again summoned.

Tanya Saran