Avatar: Worth a Watch

If there is any Hollywood sci-fi movie this year that Indian audiences have been so enthralled about then it has to be Avatar. From the very first day of it’s promotions, it came across as a must see and even though English, created ripples amongst the movie buffs in India. That in itself is an achievement for any Hollywood film releasing in India.

My motivation to see the movie came from the fact that the film is the most expensive ever made, and also to let loose the mystery behind the weird blue cat like creatures. Being a total alien to the sci fi flicks of Hollywood, I supremely doubted my comprehension ability, but with a company of high order I managed pretty well.

Avatar offers a total cinematic experience. It’s a story about a human generation gone totally awry. Na’vi, the natives of a futuristic planet called Pandora are the ones under the siege, fighting their bulls and arrows against the highly mechanised men. The movie revolves around the Na’vi’s fight for survival from the heavy artillery, machine guns and sophisticated bombs of the developed humans and to save their planet Pandora from being occupied by the humans.

Na’vi are deeply attached to the nature and share a strong bond with the animals, plants and every other thing offered by god as a part of their natural surroundings. The humans spend most of the times strategising and developing the hybrid breed of Na’vi and humans by mixing the DNA of the both. The resultant avatars are then set on to the Pandora voyage to socialise with the na’vi with the purpose of providing intelligence back to their stations, which would ultimately let the humans capture Pandora.

But the twist became apparent when the people entitled to complete the task turn hostile and switch sides giving a cold shoulder to their own people, and joining Na’vi in their fight against humans. Avatar depicts multiple shades of humanly emotions such as love, betrayal, deceit, hate and unity.

The story is deeply gripping and absorbs you completely till the time you notice the lights turning on. The special effects and animation is purely exquisite, the detailing done for every single character in the movie is exemplary. The virtual world created is phenomenal with graphics, colour schemes, contrasts everything impeccably falling in place. The mysterious land of Pandora arouses you to a refreshing world far away from ours, where every miniscule element of nature is revered and delicately taken care of.

The basic idea of merging DNA and stuff may look frail and borrowed, but the direction, the screenplay and the way the story unfurls is worth paying for. The movie as typical of Hollywood bombasts high tech gadgets and their excellent usage but, in a way rarely seen before.

Avatar in a word is a sincere creation. It’s every single element looks diligently created, ranging from the birds, the animals, the insects, the plants and the na’vi population of Pandora; everything looks surreal and draws you in absolutely, with a sense of excitement for the newness it brings at every stage.

James Cameroon at the launch of Avatar said that Avatar would make his most appreciated work, Titanic look like a picnic. Well, he wasn’t a word wrong, I would say.

Tanya Jain

[Image courtesy: http://scifiwire.com/assets_c/2009/08/avatar_newposter_thumb-thumb-550×318-21770.jpg]