Awesome Kerala

I never had a desire as strong and covetously as this. To write about something that is so close to my heart. This piece of writing is about Kerala, a place known as “God’s own country” from time immemorial. I had no belief in those words, until I experienced it myself.

It’s been long since I wanted to smell green, to taste fresh air and to feel the earth. All of this came true on 21st of July, the day we set foot in emerald green strip of land, the drizzling rain and chilled wind welcomed us by touching our face, filling us with freshness.

Just watching the trees, the birds, the clouds, the stars…and you will be able to see that everything surrounding you is joyful, everything is simply happy. That day I didn’t aspire to become Prime Minister or the President neither did I wanted to become rich. It is simply unbelievable how happy you become when everything surrounding you is beyond description.

When I was in Wayanad, I went out for a walk in afternoon and concluded to climb a small mountain, though the terrain was tough I reached the peak in no time (alone). A smile will scatter all over your face just by looking at the beautiful nature that surrounds you, fills you with peace, becomes a part of you and makes you a part of itself. Even my best attempt at writing would fail to describe what I saw with my eyes, registered in my brain and kept in my heart.

Every spot was picturesque and remains indescribable. If you’re looking for peace (everyone should) you belong there.
Moving on to my night journey to Munnar- four waterfalls on the way, Mohd Rafi and Vesudas songs running in the background ,trust me, the sound of running water will take you straight to heaven and the yes the water tasted like “amrit”.

Athirapally waterfalls, famous for its scenic beauty is definitely a treat to the eyes. The air and the water were both exhilarating .Trust me you would feel like taking a jump into the falls once you set foot into it.

Rajamala hills- The matchless beauty of this mountain will make you want to remain there forever. It’s also home to the endangered mountain goat. The entire time I was wondering about the source of the waterfalls. The sharp rocks and the depth bring an alienated sensation. Just a look down is enough to feel the adrenaline rush. No words to describe it, experience it yourself.

We visited Chottanikkara bhagavathy temple located 20 kms from Ernakulam on the last day. Such a divine place to be in, the temple complex contains shrines devoted to Brahma, Shiva, Ganesh and Sastha. The beauty of the goddess was un-comparable to everything else I have seen in my life till date. Feeling blessed!

As they say Nature is man’s best teacher, I learnt a lot about life in those 5 days both good and the bad, it was a roller coaster ride to be exact. Apart from few minor glitches I enjoyed a lot. To my friends -Whenever the pressure of our complex city life takes over, I ask you to seek relief in the nature and be happy.

I have always wondered whether Kerala is just a beautiful state in India or is it because of Kerala people, who are just sweet and kind. Enjoy your stay on earth, after all it is the only wealth we have. Spread love. After all that is why, you and I are here.

Sethuraman K.S.