Awry Progression

Apparently, from the very beginning of our human race, we have continued to evolve and we have established ourselves as creators and superior beings who have persistently strived for comfort and a premium life. In this quest for acquiring the best for ourselves we have somehow slipped along the way. Perhaps even taken several steps backwards to where we all started: the unstructured wanderers guided by our instantaneous desires.

Our Indian society that was woven to achieve a symphonic form has ended up with many threads broken and replaced by transoceanic threads. As much as I am devoted to our culture, I am disheartened to see my loved ones practicing the ideologies that lead us astray from progress in the truest sense. Though our society isn’t completely devoid of structure, a vast majority of us seem to be deriving a sense of liberation and amusement from this unstructured layout of our lifestyles that has turned us into fickle beings. We are busy, busy fishing for newer ways to satisfy our temporal desires, busy looking for newer excitements in every pasture of our lives, career, work, love, you name it. This brazen enterprise, because of its fleeting characteristics has made us remorseless and at the same time insecure and we are breeding this insecurity and insensitiveness in our society through our actions and decisions. Our humanity is at stake; all we need to do is read the headlines in the newspaper or watch the nine o’clock news in the evening to understand how de-sensitized we are. Stuff that we found revolting ten years ago no longer makes us flinch.
This insecurity and insensitiveness has only reduced the longevity of love and relationships, people now look for happiness and satisfaction outside conventional relationships. This is not always the result of an unsatisfactory relationship either; sometimes it is the thrill and the adrenalin rush that goes with doing something that is so anti-societal and sometimes it’s just an impression of connection that lures us into fulfilling our yearning for TLC. The power and sanctity of relationships and homes have withered away leading to a lack of contentment and attention that we all crave for, thus making us seek an alternate life. We get hasty and without paying attention to any detail we plummet into several short-lived, shallow relationships. With our advancement in technology and the standard of living, we have provided ourselves with several casual and unrestrained venues where this can be made possible without our partner or social circle knowing about it. And due to its flimsy basis and intent we fail to deliver to all these relationships at the same time. This imbalance draws away one or both people involved and begins yet another pursuit of happiness and connection.

We the youth of India are creating founts that foster instability; what we are failing to bring about is a crusade that builds and not breaks, that can slay this monster of adultery and that can make us more grounded, considerate and content.

Aruni Poddar

The author is a Software Engineer by profession, born and brought up in India, but her life took a turn giving her an opportunity to experience and see life in a whole new light. She is just another common being on this planet, does the same thing over and over again everyday and is absorbed in her own little world comprising of her family and career. Nonetheless, she is experimenting with various ways by which she can articulate her feelings and thoughts.

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