Baahubali: A Desi Version Of 300?


S.S. Rajamouli’s Baahubali, which bears a striking resemblance to 300 in terms of special effects, has managed to leave everybody awe-struck as it hit the theaters today. With effects that manage to match up to that of Hollywood movies, Baahubali is action, romance and thrill all packed in one film. The movie, which is divided into 2 parts, has gotten a thumbs up from almost all the critics who have labelled the movie as an entertaining and a spectacular watch.

Although the movie managed to wow everyone with the spectacular effects, it also had a few shortcomings. For one, Tamannah’s acting. The actress has managed to prove time and again that she does not know how to act (at all). Remember It’s Entertainment, Himmatwala? Another is the fact that the story belongs to a mythological era, and yet they have managed to put in an item number to woo the audience. Needless, right?

However, despite these shortcomings, Baahubali manages to entertain the audience with the VFX and epic battle scenes, which look so much like the battle from 300. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that although the two movies do not have the same storyline, they look alike in certain scenes.

Here are a few pictures of different scenes from both the movies which look somewhat alike:

1. The Epic Battle Scene

These scenes from both the movies are so similar that it would be difficult to point out which is which, in regards to the “big” fight. And what’s more is that both the actors show the same determination – to kill the enemy.
2. The Handicapped One

Both the movies have a character which is handicapped in a very unusual way. In Baahubali, its Bijjaladeva, with a handicapped hand while in 300, it’s the Ephialtes of Trachis.
3. The Leap

A similar “jump of the rocks” can be seen in both of the movies with both the male actors leaping onto the battle ground.



Overall, despite the obvious shortcomings, Baahubali is a must watch, if not for the story line, then for the amazing VFX effects.


Shivani Sandhu

Image Source: The Viewspaper