Baba Ramdev – Don’t try ‘n’ be Anna Hazare!!

A nationwide movement sparked-off when Anna Hazare decided to fast unto death for a corruption free India. Talks, Negotiations and Meetings haven’t ended since then and Baba Ramdev is all geared-up to stockpile repute for his upcoming political structure. With demands planning to surpass Anna’s vision, his call not only reflects the growing tendency to promote personal prejudices in the guise of anti-corruption crusade but also the reckless confidence in the civil society that the government could be arm-twisted at will. Taking a step towards betterment is one thing and day dreaming of a perfect society is another. The visions that Baba Ramdev catapults are as follows:


1. Black money worth Rs. 400 lakh crore, lying in several international banks, should be brought back and declared as national property. He also aims to access, monitor and disrupt payment gateway servers enabling corrupt people to manage money in tax heavens. Scrutinizing accounts of people having credit/debit cards of foreign banks without any foreign work/relation and disabling operations of any bank from a tax heaven country has also been put forward.


2. United Nations Convention Against Corruption Agreement, which has been pending since 2006, should be re-sent


3. Bring down the circulation of high denomination value currencies to reduce black money circulation. Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes must also be withdrawn so as to avoid misuse of unaccounted money and facilitate quick arrest of the entire locally circulated black money and bribing.


4. Drafting of a strong Lokpal Bill


5. Death penalty provision for the corrupt persons in Indian Penal Code.


Baba Ramdev’s Movement has itself many loopholes to tackle through. The sparing use of a satyagraha method, if not maintained, can lose its effectiveness in the long run. While the government has not yet finished dealing with the repercussions of Anna’s Fast, Baba Ramdev’s agitative movement is a premature, yet huge leap. His demands are undoubtedly a step towards a genuinely Free India, but only after the foundation stone is laid.


Also, the call to draw black money back and fast for it isn’t as easy as it sounds. It would draw applause & agitation towards government for sue but had it been as simple as just another net banking transfer then the country wouldn’t have waited so long to re-embellish the title of being called the Golden Sparrow!! Interestingly, it is yet to be seen that how Baba Ramdev takes on the issue of land acquisition and black money when he has his own Rs. 1,200 crore empire to defend. Also one should not forget that Baba Ramdev-inspired trusts own hundreds of acres of land and trusts that have large tracts of land have a lots of dealings with people in power.


Though it is difficult to measure honesty of each & every leader involved in the anti-corruption movement, the cause of eradicating corruption is gaining momentum every day. Even Baba Ramdev himself mentioned in his lecture that the change will come & is more powerful than the people who may seem to be bringing it. The goal finally is to light up all directions & remove the darkness.


Garima Obrah