Babies Heartbeat

A babies heartbeat is something which makes a person actually realize that they are having a baby. The first babies heart is something which every parent always cherishes. A babies heartbeat can first be heard after around 5 weeks since the stoppage of the menstrual cycle. Even after 5 weeks the sound is not as clear as the babies heart is extremely small at that time. Even though every movement and a slight flickering around the heart can be seen during an ultrasound, the babies heartbeat is still extremely faint. The actual babies heartbeat can be properly heard during the 8th or the 9th week of pregnancy. The babies heartbeat can easily be heard using a baby’s heart doppler which amplifies the sound of the heart beat and also displays the heart beat per minute. It is likely that even during the 8 or the 9th month the babies heartbeat is not audible as a lot depends on the doppler machine, the placement of the womb, whether the female is heavy or light and many more related factors. But the babies heartbeat can be distinctively heard after the 12th week if pregnancy using the baby heartbeat monitor. The rate of the unborn babies heartbeat during the fetal period is usually below 140 but should be well above 120. The babies heartbeat determines the health condition of the baby and also helps the doctor figure out the health and condition of the baby. The baby heart doppler along with determining the babies heartbeat also finds out the rate of breathing and the babies blood pressure to an extent. But it isn’t exactly reliable as the baby heartbeat machines mainly function on ultrasonic wavelengths which isn’t very accurate when it comes to determining the blood pressure.

Hearing the babies heartbeat is like listening to a song. Therefore to keep listening to the babies heartbeat while she is still unborn, go and buy a baby’s heart heartbeat fetal doppler now.