Baby Doppler Monitor

Innovations in the medical field has let to the invention of the baby doppler monitor which enables a mother to enjoy the sweet sound of the baby growing inside her and ensure that it is still fine and healthy. The baby doppler monitor works using ultra violet rays which are sent inside the womb and reflected back thereby letting the mother hear every beat her child takes. There are various other baby doppler monitor which also acts as baby breathing monitors which along with giving the exact heartbeats per second also determines the breathing rate of the baby inside the womb. A baby doppler monitor should be used as less as possible for the first 8 weeks to determine the heart beat. It is advised to do so as it has been noticed tat the womb sometimes gets affected by the ultraviolet rays given out by the baby doppler monitor and in turn affects the growth of the baby. One can frequently use the baby doppler monitor the 12th week onwards as the fetus gets stronger and can resist any such radiations by that time. Most of these baby doppler monitor(s) come with both, a hi range speaker and an lcd display. The combination of both assures the mother the well being of her child in a way. In case she misses out on a few beats, she can easily look at the lcd and determine the exact heart rate of her baby. There are various companies which develop some of the best baby doppler monitor(s) in the world such as Evenflo baby monitor, Swann baby monitor, Philips baby monitor, Steelcraft baby monitor, Angel baby monitor, Hi Bebe fetal doppler etc. Always ensure that you use an FDA approved fetal doppler.

Having a baby doppler monitor definitely saves a few trips to the doctor as the doctor can consult the concerned people and advise them regarding the condition of the baby just by knowing the heart beat rate and other related things.