Baby Doppler

A baby doppler allows you to listen and follow the baby’s heart beat without having to go to the doctor and spending extra money just to get the satisfaction of listening to your baby(‘s) heart beat. A baby doppler gives the baby’s exact heart beat per minute by letting you hear the beating through the speakers installed within the baby doppler. The baby doppler also has an lcd panel which automatically gives the beat rate after a minute and enables you to determine the condition of the baby’s health. There are various baby heart monitors available in the market such as angel sounds, bebe sounds, babycom doppler, baby beat doppler etc. Stork radio also one of the best producers of fetal baby dopplers which are trusted world wide by pregnant mothers as well as doctors. Walmart houses the best baby heart monitors with the best brands from all around the world stocked in one place. It is extremely important that the baby baby doppler is FDA approved and also follows various other standards for a baby doppler. It is extremely important to have a baby heart monitor in hand during pregnancy as it immediately helps you figure out wether or not there is any problem with the baby. Using a baby doppler is extremely easy and there is also an availability of various manuals and videos online which teaches a person how to precisely use a baby doppler.

A baby doppler should used as less as possible during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy as the fetus is hghly sensitive during that period and might get affected by the ultra violet rays which are emitted by the baby heart monitor. Even though the rays aren’t harmful at all, but even then it is always advised to use the baby doppler after the 12th week of pregnancy.