Baby Fetal Monitor

A baby fetal monitor gives a mother a sense of comfort and hope when she heard her baby’s heart beat. The baby fetal monitor gives the exact heart beat readings of the baby which gradually grows inside the fetus. The latest baby fetal monitor(s) in the market records the baby’s heart beats and displays them on the LCD screen which is installed in the baby fetal monitor itself. There is also an option where the mother can actually hear the baby’s heart beats, but just to make things more comfortable, a baby fetal monitor comes with the LCD display.

The baby fetal monitor is extremely easy to use and at the same time can be used at home. This saves the numerous trips to the doctor just to check the heart beat of the baby. Having a baby fetal monitor also helps the mother in keeping a check on the baby and the heart beat from time to time. One should have a complete knowledge of the heart beat rate and other related information regarding the baby as it develops inside the fetus.

Before using the baby fetal monitor, the mother is supposed to rub a certain gel which is especially created for this purpose. These gels usually come along with the baby fetal monitor. A baby fetal monitor works based on low wavelength ultra violet and x-rays. A hand held device which is attached to the main processing body of the baby fetal monitor is rubbed around the stomach. While this is being done, the device senses the heart beats from the baby and sends them down to the processing unit where the mother can either listen to the heart beats or get the per minute heart beat reading. Various companies such as Hisense baby monitor, Evenflo baby monitor are some of the batter baby fetal monitor(s) found in the market which are extremely reliable and trustworthy.