Baby Heart Beat

A baby heart beat is probably the sweetest sound a mother can hear after giving birth to her. If u ask a mother, they say it feels like they are hearing their own heart beats. The light and docile sound of a baby heart beat can lighten up the mood of any person no matter how stressed out or angry he might be. The baby heart sounds are like jazz music, slow yet so deep. A baby heart beat has that melody to which one might say is the sweetest rhythm ever heard. That of course would be the case only if the baby is healthy and free from any disease or infections. Though it is very difficult for a nonprofessional to figure out whether the baby has any problem or not just by listening to the baby heart beat, but he can still enjoy the beats playing inside the baby’s body.

Medically speaking, a baby heart beat can determine a lot of health related factors such as the baby’s digestive system, the respiratory system, excretion system, whether there is any internal problem which is not visible to the naked eye etc.  While the baby is still inside the mothers womb, the heart beats can be easily heard though its not that profound or loud. One can start hearing the baby heart beat after the 8th week of pregnancy using a baby heart rate monitor. Though it not advised to use a baby heart rate monitor till the 12th week of pregnancy as the monitors use low range ultra violet rays which might not be harmful as such but can affect the baby due to the external radiations. The normal heart beat bpm for a baby while it is in the fetus is around 120 to 160. The baby heart beat during pregnancy is usually a little different from what is it normally.