Baby Heart Doppler

A baby heart doppler is mainly used for determining the heart rate of the baby while it grows in the fetus. The baby heart doppler is a very useful device as it helps gives the exact heart beat rate of the baby which helps figuring out the state and condition of the fetus. A baby heart doppler can be used to hear the heart beat of the baby as early as 8 weeks into pregnancy even though the heart is really small at that time. However, it advised not to use the baby heart doppler frequently (once or twice a week) till the 12th or the 13th week of pregnancy as the ultrasonic radiations given out by the baby heart doppler might affect the fetus. The baby heart doppler can be used as many times as one wants after the 12th week as the fetus becomes a little stronger and the heart becomes stable at the same time.

There are various baby heart doppler rental groups which put up the baby heart dopplers for pregnant mothers who can use them till the time it is required. Using a baby heart doppler is extremely easy and at the same time it is light weight and portable. One just needs to rub a certain gel on the belly area and switch on the baby doppler fetal heart detector which automatically gives the exact rate of the heart beat via amplified sound or mentions it on a display panel. It is not exactly necessary that the baby heart doppler will work every time as the determination of the heart beat rate depends on a lot of factors. Things such as the exact placement of the hand-held device which gives out the ultrasonic rays, the placement of the womb inside the mothers body, static waves given out by the baby heart doppler, development of the fetus, whether the mother is thin or fat etc.