Baby Heart Monitor

There are many high quality baby heart monitor used by various physicians and also at home by mothers to detect the heart beat of the baby after 8 to 10 week into motherhood maternity.

There are various companies which manufacture baby heart monitor(s) such as Angelsounds fetal droppler, Graco Bebe sounds baby heart monitor etc which enables a person to hear the babies first heartbeat just in case the mother is not able to go and visit the doctor. Even though it is said that using the baby heart monitor before the 8th week of pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the fetus as it directly affects the heart of the baby as well as the lining of the womb walls of the mother. One should always consult the doctor before using the baby heart monitor at home as it gives out low range ultrasonic rays which isn’t exactly harmful for the child or the mother but there is always a possibility of some sort misbalance in the body due to the delicate condition of the baby.

Hearing the babies heartbeat using a baby heart monitor is probably the most beautiful sound for a mother to hear as it makes her realize that she is actually giving birth to a new life inside her. Baby heart monitor(s) have made it possible to listen to that angelic sound of the premature heart beat coming from inside her womb. The baby heartbeat monitor can also save the babies life. In case something goes wrong with the baby and the heart beats cant be heard, the mother can be rushed to the hospital where a doctor can immediately treat the baby.

The ultrasonic waves used by the baby heart monitor is sent into the fetus and reflected back which actually determines the heart beat per minute. A baby heart monitor can also be used as a baby breathing monitor to determine the rate of breathing.