Baby Heartbeat Monitors

Today thanks to technology and availability, baby heart monitors are being extensively used by a lot of pregnant mothers. The heartbeat Doppler rental is also another facility provided to the pregnant families who just want to keep baby heartbeat monitors for rent.  Nowadays parents are also using the baby heartbeat monitors so that they can monitor their baby at will.

Given below is a review of one of the baby heart monitors widely used around the world.

The Baby COM baby heart monitors comes loaded with a 2.5 MHz prod. This shows that the wavelength is comparatively shorter than the 3MGHz. prod and as opposed to the NanoMedica’s argument that the Baby COM can be used easily. Most baby heart monitors, with the exception of Hunt Leigh’s line of Doppler fetal Doppler’s com are equipped with a 3mghz probe. It is not necessary that just because a 2.5 MGHz probe is used in the Baby COM baby heart monitors, the heart beat would be found and recorded faster than the baby heart monitors equipped with a 3MGHz probe. In some tests this wasn’t the case. Many factors are responsible for determining the heart rate such as the sound projection, lack in the static technology which might be poor in reception, the surface are of the stomach and design of the baby heart monitors. But considering the price of the baby heart monitors, it is understood why such factors are overlooked in some cases. As with all the other baby heart monitors that are put to the test and listening which begins on the 8th week and once every week to term. However, the Baby COM baby heart monitors were not able to find the heartbeat on any of the test mothers until after the 12th week. For some of the test participants it wasn’t established even until the 15th and 16th week.