Back In Time

Let me take you all,
Back in time,
When there was Mother Nature,
Full of glory and shine.
She was proud of her beauty,
Since she had it all,
The beautiful trees and the animals at her call.

The trees, the tigers,
And the rest of the animals,
Her children, they were,
Who were her power,

She was pure, holy,
Her beauty untouched,
Until there came a being,
Who called himself human,
He was lonely and hungry at start,
And asked Mother Nature to give him some part.
She was kind and generous,
Gave him her land,
And the fruit-laden trees to save his clan,
He was delighted and asked for more,
She, being his mother couldn’t say no.

His hunger grew more and more,
As the members of his clan began to grow,
This made him feel he was the powerful beast,
And the human side of him reached at its least.

In the wake of his power,
He cut down the trees, and,
Shot animals to enjoy his feast,
This made Mother Nature more and more weak.

She pleaded and pleaded,
To the human race,
To stop this disaster,
And leave her space.

And the time came when she was left with no hope,
Her children, her tigers were left only 1411,
She was sad and didn’t know what to do,
And came to tell this story to me and to you.

To humans, she said, “you are my children;
don’t abandon your Mother,
Because unity only strengthens,
You and me together will prevent,
The harm that the future reckons.”


This is her last chance, and her last hope,
So please do not ignore and find her a cure,
For she was the one who brought us up,
And we are her children, who shouldn’t be her fear,
So, let’s all come together,
Make an attempt,
To protect her and bring back her fame.

Surabhi Redkar

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