Bagdadi’s: Haven for Food Lovers

There’s a very famous Spanish proverb, ‘the belly rules the mind’. And while the saying may not be true about everyone in the world, I can guarantee you that, in my case, my belly definitely rules not only my mind, but also my heart and soul.

As I was exploring the streets of Colaba, my sensory nerves constantly sent signals to my brain, as if asking it to pump my body with food, while my motor nerves were carrying back the message from Mr. brain, telling my tummy to do a reality check on the moolah available. And then, quite like a magical spell cast by Cinderella’s godmother, I found my self standing in front of a food paradise and made a vow to myself to not to burn a hole in my pocket.

Right behind Taj Mahal hotel on Tulloch road stands a 120-year-old restaurant, which serves authentic Muglai food. Owned by Sheikh Zaheer Ahmed, Bagdadi’s is heaven on earth for anyone who resembles Obelix, or at least as his same, insatiable appetite. Known for their non-vegetarian dishes, this place makes you one realise just why people eat to live!

The location of the restaurant attracts a lot of customers – mainly tourists and the office crowd people. The restaurant opens at 7 in the morning and shuts at 12:30 at night.

Situated at the end of Tulloch road, it has large tables and benches placed in three rows with a seth sitting at the counter. It appears to be an express eating joint, honestly speaking the look of the place is not that impressive, but once taste the noodles you definitely can’t keep yourself away from this place. It’s a home kitchen away from home. The menu offers non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian cuisine, but it is more famous for its chicken and mutton dishes. “Chicken and meat are our specialty. Most of the customers order for non-vegetarian food here,” said one of the waiters, Iqbal Qureshi balancing a massive tray on his palm.