Bagel Heading: How To Make Trends Scary


Japan embraces the scary with its usual enthusiasm

The latest trend to come out of Japan has successfully scared the world once again by being closer to crazy than cool. It’s also extremely popular. Surprisingly, this body modification process was started in Canada, and quickly became a part of the Japanese underground scene. It became highly sensationalized after it was documented in an episode of National Geographic Channel’s series, “Taboo”.

The process was created by the “pioneer”, Jerome Abramovich, who was the first to practice it and continues to do so. His discover has created a new form of torture – good job – that will probably be used on prisoners of war now. It was brought to Japan by Keroppy Maeda, who actually watched the procedure and decided it was brilliant. The procedure involves 300-400 cc’s of medical grade saline injected into the person’s forehead over a period of two hours. If you’re under the impression that it takes one needle to do that, think again. The procedure involves 10 needles.

So after you’ve waited for two hours with the needles stuck into your head, they give you an impression in the center of the saline filled skin by pressing down on it with the thumb, which leads to a bagel-shaped protrusion on the forehead, leading to the name “bagel head”. Incidentally, “Pinhead” from Hellraiser did the same thing and, given what that movie was about, it didn’t go too well for him because he ended up becoming an undead creature from another dimension.

The procedure is painful and totally unnecessary, and has a lot of health risks, but Maeda insists that it poses no risks whatsoever because the body reabsorbs the saline, so the swelling just disappears overnight. Actual doctors who went to med school say that the process could lead to extreme dehydration as well as bacterial and fungal infections. The Japanese people’s obsession with the strande and weird has led them here, to sticking needles in their foreheads. So  Japan, what next do you have for us.

Varanya Vijaykumar

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