Band Baaja Baraat – A Dhinchaak Visual Trea

Band Baaja Baaraat (BBB) – born of Yash Raj Films (YRF) production house is a roller coaster ‘Dhinchaak’ ride. It is directed by debutant Maneesh Sharma and the screenplay is written by Habib Faisal of Salaam Namaste fame. Maneesh has previously assisted in YRF productions like Rab Ne Banaa Di Jodi, Fanaa etc. BBB is a low-budget movie produced by Aditya Chopra. After a series of mediocre hits and flops delivered by YRF throughout the year; does this one enchant the public? Read on.

BBB belongs to the romantic comedy genre. The story revolves around the lives of Shruti Kakkar played by Anushka Sharma and Bittoo Sharma played by debutant Ranveer Singh. Shruti and Bittoo are graduates of Delhi University. Glimpses of their final year in University Campus are shown. Shruti is a level-headed ambitious Delhite who knows what to do with her life. She aspires to be the best wedding planner in the country. Bittoo is a fun-loving laid back guy who loves gorging on ‘bread pakoras’ and has a way with words. After the final year exams, Bittoo hops along with Shruti on her wedding planning career bus so as to avoid harvesting sugarcane crops in his native village. After a delusionary internship experience, ‘Shaadi Mubaarak’ their joint entrepreneurial venture is born.

‘Shaadi Mubaarak’ starts out by organizing medium budget weddings in Delhi’s middle class Janak Puri area and gradually progresses towards ‘high class Sainik Farm’ weddings. The duo makes a great business team but can they resist the growing inevitable affection for each other. Shruti had set the rule straight ‘No Pyaar in Vyapaar’ but does she abide by this decree? Eventually both of them surrender to their flickering passion at a vulnerable moment and the inevitable happens.

However, both of them shrug it off and tend to take it casually the night after. Shruti superficially claims that she’s not the ‘Chipkoo type’. Though deep down she has fallen for Bittoo’s rustic charms. Both of them part ways to stay true to the ‘No Pyaar in Vyapaar’ rule and work independently only to discern later that the magic of ‘Shaadi Mubarak’s duo’ is missing. After a series of setbacks and failures they eventually team up together again for a dream project. Will the Pyaar triumph over Vyapaar or can both go hand in hand? Catch this flick.

This one’s a bindaas movie. Ranveer Singh is a promising new comer. He portrays the rusticity associated with his character with ease. His ‘buniess’ acumen and ‘Phull english’ English punches are a treat. Anushka is convincing as the Dhinchaak Janak Puri girl. She’s making her moves well in the film industry and is definitely the next big thing to watch out for. The movie certainly appeals to the younger lot for it mirrors the way they ‘walk and talk’. I am sure most of them can easily identify with shirker, fun seeking Bittoo or the ambition driven Shruti.

However, the magic associated with the Yash Raj brand is missing in this one as well. You have no dialogue, no scene to take back home. The music truly lives up to the title of the movie. Most of the tracks are laced with Punjabi beats. Ainveen Ainveen is a catchy and an energetic foot tapping number. Band Baaja Baaraat is one of those light-hearted watch-laugh-go back home type flicks. It’s definitely a onetime watch.

Monica Bhatia

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