Bangalore – From a tourist’s Eyes

It’s 7 am. in the morning, I was woken up by the pleasant rays of sunlight and the equally pleasant chirping of birds outside the window. I got ready, had a rather heavy breakfast and walked out, it was around 9 am by then. After a good two hours of sight-seeing, I realised the weather had barely changed. It was almost as pleasant as it was in the morning. Could have been one of those lucky days I thought, and moved on. It was 2 pm now, with the sun above our heads and the weather was still pleasant!!! Where was I??? Had someone switched on a giant a/c in the entire city??? Then I heard a friend say to me “Welcome to the Garden City! Bangalore!”  I would like to share something about this city and why it is easily the most amazing place I’ve been to.

Situated on the southern plateau of India, it is the capital of the state of Karnataka. With a population of little above five crores, Bangalore buzzes with economic and social activity 24/7!! (Though not night life – bars close at 11 30 pm!!!).


Bengaluru, as it is presently called, has been called by a lot of other names from what I heard from the locals: Bangalore, Bendakaluru, etc. It was founded by Kempe Gowda in 1537, part of the Vijayanagara empire (Land of Victory). It is said, after the fall of the Vijayanagar empire, the city changed hands several timesa with the prominent ones being Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan, known as the Tiger of Mysore. After the death of Tipu Sultan, Bangalore finally landed in the hands of the British rulers of India who made it their main base for establishing their presence in the south. The British didn’t always bring anarchy where they went, they also brought electricity, mail and rail to Bangalore (as they did to the rest of India) which became the first city in India to get electricity in the year 1601.

Sites to visit

Out of the numerous places to visit, the Vidhan Soudha (state parliamentary house) is the number one spot, a must see. Also beside it stands the Vikas Soudha which is an identical building, a recent construction which looks equally beautiful. As Bangalore is called the Garden City, the two big parks of the city, Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanical Garden, are amongst the best places to visit. Early morning preferably. If you have kids, a visit to the Vishwesaraiya Museum would be a good idea. Amongst temples of worship, the Bull Temple is worth a visit to appreciate the rich heritage of Bangalore. ISKON, dedicated to Lord Krishna, is serene and beautiful.


In terms of food Bangalore has something which would be hard to find in other cities – and that is everything!!! From local south Indian delicacies to north Indian chats, continental food to sea food . Bangalore owes such a wide range to a rich diversity of cultures co-existing with each other.  A visit to the streets of the City Market at night
(especially Nagratpet) should not be missed for the world, If you havent eaten here, what have you had?? The hot idlis, delicious dosas, world famous chutney – of which you could gulp down mugs of !! Add hot milk, and 10 types of rice and you have more food than you can taste.  Another place to visit is commercial street where the city eat outs and shops as well!

Let me draw you a picture of Brigade Road, the most famous street in Bangalore. Imagine you’re entering a mall with a curious face inside of the many shopping outlets on brigades, the clothes, jewellery, shoes, gadgets just amaze you!!! With a wow on your face, you walk out with five bags in your hands (one stuffed inside another).It’s been a long day, Time to eat! Awaiting you are food outlets, from Chinese, to Mexican, burgers to Indian cuisines, Fast food or a calm relaxing dinner, it has it all. After dessert, time to go home, raise your hand, yell “Auto” You’ll get a cute looking three-wheeler standing in front of you in no time at all, ready to take you to your destination.


Bangalore wouldn’t be complete without a description of its people. One of the friendliest I’ve ever seen, helpful by nature, rarely misleading. Honesty seems to be a value common to most people in this part of the country. Treating women with respect,elders with compassion,children with love, you will ask yourself:  why shouldn’t Bangalore be the place of my residence? All in all, a dream destination to come to..

Mayank Solanki