Bar Camp Delhi

The Bar Camp is a global group that is engaged in organizing conferences for entrepreneurs and technologists. It is aimed at creating awareness regarding web-applications and open source technologies. The participants are encouraged to initiate discussions on the latest technology concerning IT and mobile applications.

We can trace the etymological use of the term Bar Camp from slang expression foobar. Most of its activities involve information dispensation so as to have knowledge from experiences of other, whether in private sphere or public dealings. The first Bar Camp was organized in Palo Alto, California 2005 having almost 200 attendees. In India, Delhi witnessed holding of first successful Bar Camp in 2006. Apart from Bar Camp, Delhi- it is also held at Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Since 2006, 4 camps have been held – twice each year. The Bar Camp Delhi – 5th Edition is scheduled to be held from 11 to 12 October, 2008. It’s main theme is “Collaboration”. They have announced Seminar Hall at IIT Delhi Campus as its tentative venue. Two new programs would be introduced from this time namely Bug Tales & Web Tweaks. Other interesting events include On the Spot Music Band, Live Skit and Improv Theatre. The main idea is to innovate activities along with Product Demos.

Hoping that the 5th edition of Bar Camp, Delhi would be a true success by able to answer queries of participants by participants themselves.

Bhumika Shama